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  1. This is what I ended up with. I think it's ok... It's going to be brushed out to make it look fluffy, so I'm not too worried if it's not perfect.
  2. Here is the pic from the pattern, and it's not a very good one
  3. OK. I'm on the final row of this oval... it's supposed to end up sort of cloud like so it has a bunch of random directions and stitches, all that are pretty straightforward, except when it tells me to for example chain 5 and then skip the chains. Am I supposed to skip the next 5 stitches, or am I supposed to go to the next stitch with it just not doing anything with the chains?
  4. That kind of makes sense. I THINK I did it... I may have an extra stitch (it's saying I should have 18 in the round and I think I have 19 but whatever lol)
  5. I have NO idea how to do this... I am good up to hdc in next 7ch, but then I'm lost. I don't know what they mean with same ch as last, and then for turn 180 degrees, does this mean like turn around or turn upside down? And to make it tougher, this is with two different colors of yarn being crocheted at the same time.
  6. Thanks everyone! Next up is Gastly.
  7. I have to recount I don't remember if I counted the dc's at the ends or not. But if so woo!!
  8. Thanks for the help it is already looking more like the example. And yeah I think I did mess up either counting the first chain or skipping too many in between each v-stitch the first time. This already looks better. The pattern says I need 80 dcs in each row and I have 78, so that's much better and much closer
  9. Yuuuup I did the entire V stitch wrong.... Ughhhh. And I think I made my first v-stitch row completely wrong (I think I skipped too many stitches in the first row after the chain) which is what led me to be really short on total V-stitches. Guess I have to start over. I guess the silver lining is the second time should be easier since I just V-stitched 2398473982457983475 stitches and I know how to do it now 😂
  10. So I'm making a cardigan for my wife. She is a 2xl. I'm following a pattern that says I should have 80 dc in each row (a v-stitch pattern, so 40 Vs)... I only have like 31 or 32 V's in each row and I"m freaking out that I either did the pattern wrong or something... because now in this last row I did I only have 28 Vs... which I have NO IDEA how that happened.... and I really don't want to start over again if I don't have to because I've already gone through almost 1 skein of yarn. The black is my work in progress and the lavender is what it is SUPPOSED to look like.... The pattern says
  11. Thank you, that def gives me piece of mind.
  12. This was fun to do! This was a pattern from KnitPurlPrint.
  13. Hi! I'm getting ambitious and decided to crochet a cardigan for my wife. I wanted to double check with the pros so that I can make sure I'm doing this v-stitch pattern right (I'm only in the first row so I need to know so I can start over if I need to). The directions are basically skip 2, (dc, ch1, dc) and repeat. Now when I skip two, am I counting one of the stitches that I just crocheted into, or does that one not count and I skip the NEXT two? Because at the end I'm supposed to have 80 dc, and I don't think I'm going to have enough at this point. I'll take a picture to try and h
  14. I feel like I'm never going to get this done, but this is the last thing I'm confused about (hopefully). This is a piece that's supposed to be sewn on to the body of the amigurumi. The directions are as follows: Rnd 1: 6 sc in MC (6) Row 2: 1 ch, turn, inc x 6 (12) Row 3: 7 sc with chainless foundation method and it goes from there. I have NO IDEA how to chainless foundation off of a MC. Every video I see is a chainless foundation from the beginning, and when I try to do it that way it gets all janky. Here is the pattern again; it's the coat part of the pattern.
  15. Trying it and it seems to be working. I just hope I joined it correctly... it seems secure, I'll just have to weave in the extra of the top yarn later.
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