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  1. Thanks to all for your help and suggestions. I tried them all and let’s just say I’m gonna stick with the TSS for the time being 😂 I don’t think there’s even a name for the weird shape my swatch ended up looking like and I think I may even have invented a few new stitches somewhere along the line! I’ve got several things to get to grips with, tension and holding the yarn being the biggest. I knit English style so just having the yarn in my left hand seems alien and it’s either so loose I have no control over it, or it’s so tight it cuts off circulation in my finger. An exaggeration
  2. Thank you, I hadn’t thought of stitch markers. I might give that a go when I do my practice swatch.
  3. I did have a problem with remembering which row I was on, which is why I jotted a series of 1’s and 2’s on a piece of paper - 1 being where I worked the first stitch and 2 where I worked the second. It helped me remember but I still lost stitches. Ended up ripping the lot out and getting on with the sleeves of a knitted sweater! Going to persevere with a smallish swatch and see how I get on.
  4. Thank you for your help. I will do the small swatch as you suggest and let you know how it goes.
  5. Yes, I was. That’s another tutorial I looked at. When I got to the end of the forward pass I was either working or skipping the last one, depending upon which row it was, then working into the edge stitch, then a yo and pull through one, followed by yo and pull through 2 all the way back. I even jotted down a series of 1’s and 2’s on a piece of paper so I didn’t forget whether I was working the first or second stitch. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  6. Thank you - that was actually one of the videos I had watched stitch by stitch, and she explained it well and made it look so easy, but I still managed to mess it up 🙄 I’ll keep trying.
  7. Hello, I've just discovered this site and am hoping someone will be able to tell me where I'm going wrong. I'm truly rubbish with regular crochet - nothing ever looks like it should - but then I discovered Tunisian crochet and can actually do it, at least the Tunisian Simple stitch. I managed a headband which actually wasn't at all bad. I like the look of the Tunisian Full stitch but no matter how closely I follow the tuition pictures and videos I always end up with progressively one less stitch than I started with. Yesterday I started off with 58 and gave up when I got down to 55
  8. Hello, I'm glad I found this site, it looks very interesting and helpful. I've knitted for years but am a complete novice at crochet - in fact if there was anything lower than a novice, that's me! I'm off for a wander round now and think one of my stops may just be the 'How do I do this' section! 😉
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