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  1. I’m sorry...yes I meant 19mm and 15mm hook 😄. 19 and 15 inches would’ve been a little too long. Ha ha 😄. I thought by using a smaller hook would make it easier for me but not really.
  2. Thank you so much guys for all your insights! I feel like you actually took my hand and led me in the right direction, Granny Square 🙂. When I picked the yarn I saw that the pattern that came with it said it was an easy pattern and ok for beginners. However, after I’d struggled for almost a week, I started to think if I’d chosen the right yarn. I can’t see the stitches because of the fussiness so I’ve pretty much guessed my way through. The other reason why I chose this yarn, was because I wanted to crochet something that I would actually use instead of making somethin
  3. Hi, I’m new to crocheting and I’ve started to make a basket where the pattern was attached to the yarn that I bought. I’ve also followed a YouTube’er who is doing the tutorial of this basket. However, I’ve been doing exact what he is showing in the video but I do not get the same results ☹️. It’s so frustrating. I’ve attached pictures of how mine looks like. I’m on the second row but it just doesn’t look right. The first picture show the front and the second picture is showing the back. It looks like a mess. Also, getting 6 sc in the 2nd ch from hook is not easy. I can bar
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