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    writer, games enthusiast, perpetual project starter, guinea pig owner. the guinea pigs do not crochet, but they do enjoy the occasional audiobook.
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    Lower Great Lakes, U.S.
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    music, film, writing, gaming, reading, architecture
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    blankets & throws, "usuables" like bags or baskets
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    9-11 years old

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  1. I've been super bad about replying to this thread but I've also been bad about keeping up with my projects in general. The good news being that I haven't bought anything either, so there's a bright side. And I'm almost (finally) done with a pair of boot-like slippers for my sister! YTD 0 WTD 0
  2. Thanks so much everybody! It's very nice to have such a warm welcome. And Lilol, that's very good advice, as rude as it sounds I'm glad I'm not the only one with this problem. Maybe one thing at a time would work out better for me.
  3. Hi there, I'm (very) new to the forum, am I able to join the CAL? I think I mostly understand how it works from the sticky and I'd sure love the accountability! 😊
  4. Hi everyone! I'm Amanda, when I'm online I generally go by sinema (like 'cinema'), or sin for short. Found this group on Ravelry recently and decided that today would be the day I jump in and finally start trying to participate in a crochet community. Crocheting has been an on-and-off hobby since I was a kid, alongside writing, gaming, film, and technology like computers and cameras. At this point, my main hobby is collecting hobbies. I have three guinea pigs, two of which you can see in the profile photo -- Spooky (left, black and orange) and Rumor (right, white w/ red eyes). I have a thi
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