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  1. NanaBea

    Stuck on row 3

    Thanks everybody I got it! I am very visual and the posting from bag lady helped so much. After reading all the comments and looking at the example I found what my problem was. I was trying to combine the stitch count between the two rows instead of literally following the stitch count as individual rows, if that makes any sense !
  2. NanaBea

    Stuck on row 3

    That gap came from the skip four. Here’s a rough diagram of what I was trying. The gap came from the skip for on the first row. Here is a rough draft of what I was trying to do
  3. Row three is built on two rows of hdc. I think the instructions mean this row is the top row and the row before last means the second row down. I’ve started row 3 over several times and it’s to be followed with a ch2 and hdc across which should have 27 stitches in it. I am nine stitches short. Here is the instruction, What the finished project should look like and what I have. It seems I have two big gaps pointed out with my crochet hook
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