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    I'm a crocheter, knitter, artist, and crafter.
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    Freelance Crocheter.
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    Size H.
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    Stuffed toys and blankets.
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  1. Thank you everyone! It was a fun project.
  2. Granny squares dishcloths are fun. I enjoy making them. What about you? Have you made a granny square project?
  3. I haven't tried Lion Brand's Vanna's Choice yet. I will keep it in mind! I use Red Heart quite a bit for most of my crochet projects. When I make stuffed animals, I use soft yarn.
  4. Thank you. The teddy bear can be a gift for someone.
  5. This is a picture of one of the teddy bears that I made a few weeks ago.
  6. Yes, Clover Amour is a good brand for crochet hooks!
  7. What is your favorite yarn?
  8. It's hard coming up with ideas for a pattern. Still it is a good experience for crocheters!
  9. I used to crochet with medal crochet hooks, but now I prefer using a crochet hook with a soft rubber thing around it instead for my projects. I really enjoy the rubber crochet hook. What is your favorite crochet hook?
  10. Writing a crochet pattern is not easy, but it is a fun challenge! What do you enjoy about writing crochet patterns?
  11. Need help with crochet? I can help you understand some of the crochet abbreviations, patterns, etc.
  12. I'm currently working on my third teddy bear project! I've made 2 teddy bears so far.
  13. Hello. My name is Angela. I'm a crocheter, knitter, artist and crafter. I have been crocheting for about 17 years and knitting for a few years. I'm a new tech editor looking for clients who are crochet pattern writers/designers. I accept simple/intermediate crochet patterns. My price is $0.01 per word. Interested? Please let me know!
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