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  1. Thanks for the suggestions. My sister and her husband both smoke and she has crochet hooks up the wazoo and was trying to help me out by sending me a set with handles as opposed to regular hooks which at this point in time have gotten lost in our move from a house where we lived for 33+ years to a senior village. I love to crochet and with this winter haven't been able to as I can't find my hooks here and can't get into our storage unit, too much snow. Thank you again.
  2. My sister sent me a very nice set of silicone handled crochet hooks, but they smell like cigarettes. My hands smell that way when I use them and I can't store them anywhere without the smell spreading. I have scrubbed them in the dishwasher, no help. I have sprayed them with a earth friendly spray. I could use some help and ideas please and thank you.
  3. I would put some soft tape or soft yarn around the area that is causing the blisters.
  4. I need to know how to get cigarette smoke smell out of my handles. My sister sent me a set but she smokes and I don’t and I can tell and it is on my hands when I use them.
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