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    I am 30 (30!) years old, and I live with my husband and three adorable kitties.
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    Columbus, OH
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    Crocheting!! I also enjoy cross-stitch, scrapbooking and reading.
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    Clerical Drone
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    Anything. Right now I am branching out and trying to advance my skill level, try new things.
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  1. Hi everyone. Sorry I've been gone for a while, had a lot of struggle going on at home. Everyone's work looks great, sounds like you are all making good progress. I put my hook down for a while (shocking isn't it?), but I'm getting ready to pick it up again. Here's a question. When I started this project, I was 40 pounds heavier. I'm still losing (yay for me!). Any suggestions for my sweater and the size I should make it?! I'm wondering if I should wait to finish it until I lose more...
  2. I'm starting to put my pieces together, to see how far along I am...I'm a little confused on the gusset. Is that just an extra square, folded or something? Any advice?? Thanks.
  3. Yay! I finished my starghan! I even have enough yarn leftover to make (Crochet Me) Twinkle, Twinkle pillows to go with - got most of those done, too; I only have half a moon left to go. I had a productive weekend! No digi cam, so I'll have to post once I get my film developed. I tried to do a crab stitch for the edging, but that didn't turn out so well, so I just used single crochet. Still, I think it came out alright. I'm counting down the days until my husband and I start trying to conceive our first baby. I can't wait to wrap my little one in this afghan!
  4. Congratulations, Tara. Those are very cute designs!
  5. I'm really glad so many of you seem to be putting this together with ease. At least I'll have plenty of help when I get there...hopefully that will be soon!
  6. Well, I did it. I unraveled to the first color change (where I had started dropping the stitch) and reworked it. A little tedious, but at least I won't cringe when I look at it. And, you're right. Practice does indeed make perfect. I got almost to the point where I was before I quit last night; I'm still going to try to get a couple of rounds in tonight before bed. I really appreciate your help!
  7. This is such a great idea!! No way can I do this before I finish one of the other two CAL's I'm in (they are so addictive), but I'm also subscribing to this thread! I love tetris, this would be a great project!! You all are doing such cute projects!
  8. Thanks, Sue! I know I was skipping that stitch, and the one before, because the numbers weren't right. I thought I was supposed to skip them, darn it. Drat, I'm on row 15, and I've been changing colors. Too late to turn back now! And yet, it will bother me like it is...HMM. Maybe after dinner I can see how to salvage this situation. Thanks for your help!
  9. Well, I did actually start this weekend. I love how quickly the pattern works up...using Caron worsted and a j hook. One problem...it isn't lying flat, and I'm not sure if it is supposed to or not. Anyone have any insight? Thanks!
  10. Everyone is doing such lovely work! I'm just trying to find the time to start mine...I am keeping my fingers crossed for this weekend!! I'm going to use baby blue and cream...
  11. Clocke, I love that square! Your sweater is turning out really beautiful. I feel like I'm making way too many squares...I guess if I have too many, I can do two sweaters!
  12. wow, lilybean, you are fast! Can't wait to see it! I miss my project...I'm drowning in homework and haven't crocheted in over a week! So sad.... I'm still about half-way there, though so no worries!
  13. Hey, all. I have close to 40 squares done now. I would have more, since they are a sinch to make (especially while watching TV), but I started a class, and so have less time to crochet. I was planning on doing 6x6 rows for the back -- my squares are 5", which makes this project seem huge, even though I know it isn't really. I'm a little confused about assembly and the underarm area, as well. Happy crocheting!!
  14. Hi Cherish...I know what you mean. I'm using the Vintage Crochet Cardigan CAL to try and learn how to adapt patterns for smaller sizes to sizes with more generous proportions. Here's the pattern we're working on, if you'd like to try: http://www.yarnsplus.com/crochet/cardigan.htm
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