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  1. Cute little guy. I should make one and put it under my husbands pillow. He likes to put plastic snakes all over the place to scare me.
  2. I hate math and if it’s too complicated I add more stitches than needed. When I get to the final pattern repeat pull out the extras from the starting chain.
  3. If it’s not a difficult pattern then you could just add stitches to your starting chain. I did that with a prayer shawl recently and it worked out fine.
  4. I’ve seen many discussions on this and I’m in the minority as far as having multiple projects going at one time. You’re in good company 😉I’m the weirdo
  5. I found a wiki page that lists the sizes. It shows (2) 2.75mm (3) 3.25 mm https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_United_States_standard_crochet_hook_and_knitting_needle_sizes
  6. Hello and welcome! Cute little piggies ❤️Maybe try making smaller things that you’re more likely to finish. I don’t start multiple projects like many do. When I used to do that I would end up never finishing most of them.
  7. Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Yarn. I make tons of toys and this yarn is softer than Red Heart Super Saver yet gives the same size and look.
  8. I don’t think I enjoy writing them so much as I prefer to go by my own pattern. I thoroughly hate typing up my patterns. I write out patterns for anything I make just in case I really like it and maybe someone else might too.
  9. Welcome from Texas! My only advice is pick a room in your home and prepare to fill it with yarn.
  10. Hello and welcome from Texas.
  11. You going to single crochet in 1 and 2 sc in next repeated 5 more times.
  12. Update 😞Sadly the lady I made this for passed away last week. I had it ready to send but her husband said not to send until she came home from the hospital.
  13. Lilol

    Throw a fit

    Really cute and great idea!
  14. This is awesome! My husband plays guitar at a place called Horny Toads. I may have to make him a few for him and some buddies.
  15. The starting row is clearly wrong. If you can contact the designer.
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