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  1. Thank you so much Brenda! I will look into the links you sent along with your suggestions you use yourself, I have done 6 to 8 rows of the pattern, 4 times and restart from scratch, last night I undid it again, I am giving myself a break tonight because I have been getting so flustered with myself...as soon as I start up again, I will send a photo...I believe what I am having a really hard time with is the portion of row 2 and exactly where I place my next stitch and what appropriate area, I will do another segment and when I do I will take photos to show where my confusion is...thank you for
  2. Hello to everyone, my name is Tracey, I am not computer savvy AT ALL, I hope I will be able to do this correctly, but I am somewhat of a beginner crochet person and am just now starting to try and read a pattern while doing so I interrupt the directions out loud might not be the same as when I am crocheting, I have been stuck on a easy pattern and am finding it very hard to understand. My pattern and the one on the page doesn’t look the same... I am also more of a hands on person, if someone can show me visually I learn better that way, then possibly reading the pattern will make more sense...
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