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  1. Woww!!!! I'm speechless!!!!! How did u even begin to do that!
  2. this is soooo adorable and u did an awesome job for someone who has only been crocheting for 2 weeks!
  3. yeah the sad thing is...i only have 3 skeins and when i went back to walmart...they were all gone!!! so i'm gonna make the majority of the ripple green and use the varigated in between
  4. so i've decided to join in for this cal...i just started a 8 point rr ... i'm so excited
  5. that is soooo beautiful!!!! i love the checkerboard!
  6. they r all beautiful but the green and pink one is my favorite!
  7. MeMe

    betsy's afghan

    i love round ripples!!! the colors r great!
  8. MeMe

    Bikini Advice

    no problem...as long as it took me to find that one...i felt like i would be wrong to not pass on the knowledge...let me know how it turns out
  9. MeMe

    Bikini Advice

    check out this thread...i haven't tried it yet but this is the pattern i'll use when i do decide to try it http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=10027&highlight=lingerie
  10. u did an awesome job! i love it... i would attempt to make one for myself but my hips r too wide...
  11. hmm...i thought i responded to this post...but maybe not...i have two myspace profiles... http://www.myspace.com/unchainedmetamorphosis is my regular myspace page http://www.myspace.com/radiatinglight7 is my myspace music page
  12. thanks for the positive feedback...it's a nice wash cloth but i really don't like the thickness
  13. MeMe

    Ripple Afghan

    thanks guys...i'm looking at the board trying to motivate myself...i haven't been crocheting lately
  14. it was far from intricate...it was very very simple
  15. if it's not too late...i would like to try the monkey...he's cute
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