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  1. Thank you. That makes sense, but I really don't like weaving the yarn tails back in. 😅
  2. I've crocheted for years but, it's always been the same ripple pattern. Now I'm making a baby blanket with Bernat Softee Cotton Baby yarn. The patter has four colors that change every three rows. The problem I'm having is with switching colors. The directions are: To change colors, work to last 2 loops on hook. Drop previous color from hook, draw new color through and proceed. Ch 3 at beg of dc rows count as dc throughout. 1. What do they mean by the last two loops on the hook? Is it the last two loops of the last dc of the row? A dc is the last stitch in each row. 2. When the new color yarn is added and the old color yarn is dropped, what becomes of the old color yarn? It's left dangling there. I can't proceed because I don't know if I'm supposed to cut the old color yarn and have hundred of bulky areas where I try to work it back into the stitches to make sure it won't become unraveled. Or, do I leave the old color yarn intact and run it down the boarder. There will be crocheted edging on the blanket. I'm thinking running the old color yarn down the boarder is the safest solution. But, I would really appreciate help from someone who knows what they are doing. I'm self taught and didn't make it past kindergarten. 🤣 Thanks in advance.
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