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  1. https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/rainbow-floppy-brim-sun-hat
  2. Incorporates Jacob's ladder stitch https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/blue-stripy-handbag
  3. I have done a sqaure of waffle stitch. For the border you start by working 2 SC in the corner then SC in each stitch across Where should i put my hook to do 2sc in corner? My last stitch i did DC in top of turning chain
  4. @Rhonda Graham Hi please can you provide more information such as what what the pattern is / is it a repeating pattern?
  5. @grannysquare @bgs Thanks for taking the time to answer my question and trying to help but I should have explained what was not making sense was the pattern repeat (I thought I had to repeat the slip stitches.) I posted a comment on the website and got this answer which is on row 9, start round with 1 sl st in each of the first 2 sts of the round then continue diagram A.1, ending with 2 chains, skip the sts in A.2 (do not work the 2 sl sts at the beg of A.1 anymore) and repeat A.1. Happy crocheting! The pattern is now making sense.
  6. Doing Sunny Smiles / drops 178-42 (worked in the round) Struggling to work out where to place slip stitches in next round. I have been working A.1, A.2 six times Round before the one with slip stitches in i did 1DC in 2 stitches, Ch 2, 2DC around chains, 1DC in 6 stitches, 2DC around chains, CH2, 1DC, slip stitch to first DC Attached is the diagram and below is link to pattern with picture https://www.garnstudio.com/pattern.php?id=7976&cid=17#question11
  7. @grannysquare @bgs Thanks for the help / tips I now know what to do. Each row I worked back and forth turning at the end I alternated between 5 slip stitches and 5 HDC stitches (textured wave stitch) Pictures shows what the right side looks like
  8. Attempting to do a row of SC stitches around my blanket. What is the best way to work along the buttom. I did 5 SS followed by 5 HDC stitches (repeated with 1 more lot of SS) into the starting chain
  9. @grannysquare Thanks for the tip. I should have asked my question sooner but did not think of it. Having already done about a quarter of the pattern i am reluctant to frog it and start again If i put a border all around would that makes the gaps less noticeable
  10. Doing HDC stitches in the front loop of previous row hdc flo stitches. Is there a way to bring up less of the front loop so stitches on the end of rows are less gappy. Picture to hopefully show what i mean Less of an issue in the middle of a pattern
  11. @grannysquare @NCcountrygal Thanks for answers i discovered i had miscounted my starting chains and have had to frog my work and start again. Should be all sorted now.
  12. Below is link to pattern I am following loosely. I chained 122 stitches instead of those listed. from looking at my work more closely it appears I might have put my first pebble in the wrong place. Although I was not aware I had too many stitches at the end of the row which is how come I got so far. Starting first row of pebbles again so will see if I miscounted my chains. Pretty Pebbles Stitch Pattern and Tutorial • Oombawka Design Crochet
  13. Making a blanket using pebble stitch. One side is slanted is this Ok / normal? This is the end I start at when doing rows of SC and cluster stitches All rows start / end with a SC
  14. Wondering if anyone has that one stitch that they prefer to all the all the others. I like HDC because I can get more even sized stitches than when I do DC and it works up quicker than SC. My US DC stitches look rubbish and inconsistent.
  15. I cannot do Reverse Single Crochet. Spent several minutes trying it and decided never again. My stitches looked different to online photos.
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