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  1. @bgsYou have misinterpreted my photo. The stitches coming from the back are not oriented in the opposite direction. You cannot see the front of them. In reply to someone else I included a better photo.
  2. @Granny SquareThe stitches on the far side you are referring to are the back of the stitches so they are not going in a different direction. Below I hope is a better photo.
  3. I am making a basket and the top layer of crochet stitches is different way round to reference photo. Look like > instead of <. After finishing the base I did bldc in each stitch for the next round only. Working my way round clockwise
  4. Thanks have found out from creator that there was a type
  5. Making a basket these rounds refer to sides Round 6-12: dc into each stitch in the round (30st) Round 9: dc into each st in the round (30st), fasten off and weave in ends. Is there a typo as it makes no sense why round 9 would be after 12?
  6. Thanks I think I have misunderstood what 1 bldc is
  7. Just done 30 stitches to complete base. Next round starting to shape sides of basket. Pattern says Round 5: working in the back loop only for this round - bldc in each st (30st) I thought if I did a dc in the back loop of every stitch I would be doing 60 not 30 stitches. Where am I going wrong?
  8. Round 3: 2dc into the next 10st (20st) Round 4: *dc, 2dc* 10 times (30st) What am I required to in round 4? I have already done round 3 and I started with 5dc in a magic ring
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