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    I've been crocheting since 1993. I also love to embroider, knit, needlepoint, cross stitch, sew, etc. I am currently learning to make needle lace and pulled and drawn thread techniques.
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    DIY, needlework, collecting needlework antiques, books, and magazines.
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    Vintage Boye
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    I love making amigurumi
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  1. So, I am in the middle of making a wrap. This is my second one of the same pattern. The first was perfect. Thus, I figured I had it down and could crochet along without paying attention. Well, after creating about 60 rows I finally layed it out and saw that I screwed up and added too many bobbles on the 8th and 9th rows and then added more on the 10-12th rows. Who knows why, but thankfully the rest of the rows are all correct. So, now instead of being a huge rectangle it bulks up in the areas were stitches were added and, of course, wants to curve. Its not possible to frog it since the wrap co
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