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  1. Thank you so much for trying to help me! 🙂 It's my fault for not including the entire pattern which would make more sense for you guys to help, but since I paid for the pattern, I didn't think that was fair to the author (maker? designer?). I think Brenda is correct, but I can see how your way could totally work as well, just not with this particular pattern. However, it gives me some ideas for other projects. Muahahahah My apologies for the late response, sometimes I need to put hard projects down for a while and let them percolate. 😉
  2. I think you're right and I think I get it now. d'uh. seems so easy now that I understand. I will touch base if I have more problems and/or final product. My apologies for the late reply, I have learned to put these projects down for a few days to get some perspective. I've been darning socks instead. lol
  3. AndriaM


    Wow, I love crochet stuff that looks like knit. very impressive. Did you use a pattern or your own pattern?
  4. Hello, all! I'm a new member and so glad to find you. I hope you can help me figure out the directions to this dog sweater because I just don't get it. I came back to crochet a few years back and have been using those kits to make ammigurumi for my niece and nephew. Having never read patterns before that, it was a pretty good beginning. Before I go on to making my own beautiful items out of expensive yarn, I thought I would make some sweaters for my elderly, skinny cat. This dog sweater is working in rows and I believe what they are doing is making a square, then continui
  5. Hello, all! I found your forum because I can't figure out a pattern so I'll take my question to the appropriate thread, but wanted to say hello here. My grandmother taught me to crochet basic stitches when I was a young girl and I still have some of my made up items like a little purse and such from those times. I decided about 5 years ago that I wanted to take up crochet again when I saw a beautiful skirt pattern online somewhere. And then I saw the crochet ammigurumi kits and decided to start with those. Well, I have been in toy making hell for 3 years and I'm pleased
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