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  1. I have just wasted my time searching and downloading 3 PDF files to make my 8 yr old granddaughter for Christmas. I won't be seeing them for a while. So I plan on making her a few outfits for her American girl doll. I find out that they won't open. I have plenty of time as I won't be able to see her for some time yet. It's not just me, others had the same problem. I have a PDF Reader, so that is not the problem. I have another from someone else. It is confusing. Other people talk about making them or they already have made them. Other then that My Duchess and I are just taking it easy today
  2. Hi my name is DarrAni, I have been crocheting for 60 yrs off and on. I enjoy making many different things. I also do plastic canvas needlework, now and again when I have a spare moment, I pick up either a pencil, brush, pen, etc... I then create a picture....or two!!! I've posted a picture of my baby Duchess Meme. She is 17 months old.
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