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  1. My resolution is to work on reducing my stash. It's way too large. I love making scrap afghans, so I'm going to concentrate on that this year.
  2. Okay I did 3 more and that is it for me. I think this is the correct new total. It's hard when people post they made some but not the total. me new - 3 me previously posted - 9 crochetville total - 699
  3. Okay, with Judy's 10, I think the new total is 518. Me previously posted - 7 And I made an additional - 2 Crochetville new total is 520!
  4. DianneO

    in the round

    That is really neat - he's going to love it!
  5. Very nice! Really love the quilt style.
  6. I really like the style/design. The white stripes really make it pop.
  7. I went to Michaels, but not during the early bird hours. I was going to avoid it altogether, but I'm making some scrapbooks for my children for Christmas and thought I'd try to save some money. It was pretty crowded and this was at 3 pm. Well, they ended up having the Cricut as an unadvertised special for the lowest price I've seen - $179.99. I've been eyeing it ever since it came out....so yes, I went ahead and bought it. Hubby said "Merry Christmas!" I didn't even check out the yarn, I figured the Cricut was enough of an unplanned purchase! I'm happy I waited (and waited...) and got a good deal on it.
  8. I hope this thread insprires someone to make up a little bag and keep it in the car or with them more often! Since hubby does most of the driving, I usually have some crocheting with me (if I'm not reading). Sunday mornings on the way to church, waiting for my daughter, when I'm at the community theatre volunteering waiting for a show to be over....there are lots of opportunities to sit and crochet. Many times I will bring it when visiting family. We watch a game or movie and I can crochet and chat at the same time. The caps for the capital have been a great project to tote. If I'm going to a relative's I don't mind bringing along an afghan! When I travel from GA to MO to visit my parents I always bring a crochet project! One summer I was there for 2-3 weeks and a made about 15 doll blankets! They loved seeing my work! -Dianne
  9. Scorpio - I love those squares! I make granny squares all the time and that gives me a great idea to make a different pattern for once. Alternating them with white squares will be pretty.
  10. I like the colors! Someone shopping at Goodwill is going to be happy!
  11. I live in Newnan, Coweta County. Surely there are others from Coweta County lurking! -Dianne
  12. I've been lurking for a bit so I thought I'd post an introduction. I'm 40 years old and I've been crocheting since I was 12 or 13. The first thing I made was an afghan. My mother taught me how to crochet. I still have an afghan I made while in high school. I live in Georgia and I have 4 children. Two out of the house, one in college, and one at home. I taught all 3 of my girls to crochet. The two older ones have both made afghans. The youngest (12) is not very crafty yet, but in the next few years we'll work on it more. I enjoy making afghans and have made many for cancer patients and babies in need. Last year I decided to make scarves as presents. I accumulated quite a few as they are so easy and quick to make. So now I'm giving scarves to charities. I've been taking photos of my work for years. I need to get the pictures scanned and posted and also make an album. I give away nearly everything I make. I love making scrap afghans. I have three or four of them in progress. I've made seven caps for the capital so far. Those are my main projects right now as they work up so quickly and there is a deadline. You can make a lot of caps from one ball of yarn! I remember playing with a crocheted draw string purse as a child so a few years ago I made a bunch for my daughters. Their friends loved them so I made a bunch from my own pattern. Last year I made 5-7 ponchos. They were quite fun. My daughter wears one a lot and it's not one of my favorites! It's even a size XL and she's a medium, but she fell in love with it. I tend to crochet more in the winter, great time to make afghans. I really want to make some sweaters in the future and probably more ponchos. I have a lot of patterns (can never have enough!). I'm a housewife and I enjoy other crafts too like sewing, beading, and scrapbooking. I have six (yes six) miniature dachshunds, each one different. I would like to learn how to knit. I've taken a class but, well, I still need to learn! In two hours I made a little square. In two hours time I could crochet half a blanket! I really enjoying viewing the items made on here. This is a fun place to lurk! Happy crocheting, Dianne
  13. I saw a girl about 7 or 8 wearing this adorable poncho at McDonald's today. I would LOVE to find the pattern. It appeared to be single or double crochet and then you triple crochet down to the front loop of a previous row. The triple crochet was between every 10 or 20 single or double crochets. I didn't want to stare too closely so I can only remember parts of it. The colors were well chosen, bright orange, red, blue, yellow, and I forget what else.
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