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  1. Thanks so much, granny square! OK, so spiral stuff (I think I understand your distinction!) no ch1 (as it's continuous). "In the round" (where the work would essentially grow downwards, in a tube - is that the right distinction?) you do ch1. Is that right? If so - interesting! I didn't know that! I think what's confused me is this: let's only consider the flat bits of the pattern. In the body, it DOES say ch1 at the end of every row. So I did! Then I did the robe (doesn't mention it, so I didn't) and sleeves (ditto). Should I have been doing ch1 at the end of every row for these? I didn't. If I should have, why does she say ch1 explicitly for the body, but not for the robe and sleeves? For the hood, ch1 isn't mentioned for the first 13 rows, so I didn't. Should I have? Then suddenly it's there for the rest of the rows! Arg! I'm a straight lines person who likes to know the rules and follow them! What would you do for this pattern? How am I supposed to know generally, if someone suddenly starts saying ch1 in the middle - that I should or shouldn't have been doing it standard ly? Thanks for your help; I really appreciate it!
  2. I am new to crochet. I am following a (single crochet) pattern that doesn't say "ch1" at the end of each row. So, I haven't. A long way into the pattern, one part of the toy now says "ch1" at the end of each row. General question - if I'm following a (standard) pattern, do I presume I chain 1 (if it's sc) at the beginning of each row, even when it's not stated? Specific question - should I have been "ch1" at the end of every row in the whole pattern?! If yes, why does it suddenly say "ch1" now?! Does that mean I should now ch2?! I'm confused and getting disheartened... This is the pattern, and it's the hood where "ch1" suddenly appears... https://artisticgaming.com/portfolio/final-fantasy-tonberry-pattern/ Thank you so much in advance!
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