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    Creator across mediums.
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    Brooklyn NY
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    crochet, photography
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    doilies, mandalas

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  1. Welcome, Robin. I love Oinkers. I recently joined for the same reasons as you. Are you working on any projects now?
  2. This is stunning. I love the detail work. Great job.
  3. Welcome! Yarnspiration has a lot of free patterns. Easy to customize and often a youtube tutorial. Sorry if I'm telling you something you already know.
  4. Hello, I started teaching myself crochet back in April. I've really enjoyed making wearables and decorations. I find it relaxing, meditative to sit quietly and work on a project. I don't have any friends who practice crochet. Hoping to learn from and talk with others who share the interest. I am really proud of a mosaic cardigan/sweater I finished a few weeks ago. I didn't use a full pattern but picked designs I liked from other pieces to make it. Would have adjusted how it sits on my shoulders. I like the overall slouchy loose fit. Very cozy! What are your favorite reso
  5. I love your Morty bikini top. So fun, well done!
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