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    Will this work?

    Hey all! I'm fairly new to crocheting. I started a blanket a while back with just a basic double crochet stitch. I started the blanket with a very heavy yarn and ran out almost instantly. I switched to another yarn after the first few rows and the new yarn is much, much smaller. Now I have this awkward strip of a bulky yarn at the start of my project. I'm much too far along to start over at this point and now it's bothering me... I'm wondering, though, is there a way to remove this old yarn and replace it with the new yarn? I was thinking I could just crochet into the loops of the new yarn in the row when it was first started so keep the loops from pulling out. Once I've replaced that strip then I would pull out the old yarn being sure to replace the original tie off. Does anyone know if this would work?
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