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  1. I received my Stole today from Sissie....it is absolutely fabulous, soft and my fave colours autumn-y. And she included some lovely candles! Thanx a ton I love it very much and look forward to using it often! WIll upload pic as soon as batteries are charged.
  2. Oh boy I am glad it got there.....I know you wanted a stole instead of a shawl, but Hilary I swear after I got done with it, I just couldnt send it [the stole], it just didnt look right. Not hideous, just "off". For the shawl I used Joanns Rainbow Boucle' in the pink/white colourway. Swaps are nerve racking, LOL!! Now maybe I can relax. Oh and that Chai Tea is yummy!
  3. I am sure I will! I will wait almost sorta patiently for it!
  4. Hilary, your package will go out Monday with delievery conformation. I will PM you the con#.....
  5. I said I was done in this thread but feel I should defend myself and then I will truly be done, I hope.... Eurolyons I havent a clue why you think I was speaking to you directly I wasn't... My point is that even here in this forum we have had threads where people have given their opinions on certain pubications. In some of these threads it has been said " that project is ugly, I won't be making it"...or "I didn't buy that magazine due to the God awful projects"...or better yet, "I dont know who is designing these things but I don;t like fun fur it's just plain ugly and over done"... I do not like the meanspiritedness any more than you say you do but to act as one hasnt made the same comment to themselves is others is contradictory. As for the perfect remark....I stand by what I said.....how can any of you "shocked" and upset by that blog act as if you never ever had a mean thought.... Go ahead and challege me or what I said.....but I challege you to improve your reading comprehension, perhaps if you had taken the time to read my post in totallity as well as Summerysmiles you would understand what I was saying. An opinion is nothing more than a personal thought and JUDGEMENT you have come to...... And in closing perhaps this should be read about photos, unless you PROTECT your photos once they are posted on a public domain...anyone and everyone will and can "take" them and use them how they see fit...May not be right but it happens....I am a photographer and protect my photos, that I plan on using professionally, if posted in a public area, meaning the net. Good day to you! This place has turned so blood thirsty and self righeous.....what happened to being a grown-up and using our grey matter?
  6. Privately or publicly the words still have been said...they carry as much weight. Sorta like saying I can talk about someone all I want behind their back as long as they dont hear.... I think I am done now in this thread....bafflement upon bafflement... I wish I were as perfect as some would lead other to believe them to be....
  7. Dont get me wrong Jimbo.....I totally understand what you are saying. I for one dont want to be the one having the fun poked at me.....and was not by any means saying it was right to do that to someone......But it sorta surprises me that those that pass judgement so easily find it hard to believe that other do it as well.....I did laugh and at the same time thought how grateful I am I wasnt the one in the cross hairs.... Guess its kinda like laughing at some comedians.....you may think they are a hoot but there are gonna be many who find them offensive and down right wrong......ya see what I mean? As for myself I have in the past made some down right ugly stuff.....painted some pretty horrific things too.....and probably still do according to some...to each his/her own I guess.... Casting the first stone is all I'm saying......
  8. I gotta say I find it odd that several people are shocked someone wouldnt say nice things.....I mean havent you ever in your WHOLE life said anything critical?....Not one comment like, I can't believe she would wear that, what was she thinking?....If ya havent then you should be sainted! And being as no one makes us look at these things, blogs, etc.....you have the right to close out the window and move on.
  9. Actully it is for fun....and is for the most part funny.... As far as it being wrong or illegal to take someone elses pictures and use them, unless the pictures are protected with the right click feature or under copy right they are free game.... I am surprised at the shock of being judgemental, seems quite a common thing among blogs and forums, thats what they are for frankly, to post thoughts and ideas of a personal nature, this should be a concept familiar to many.....encouraging crochet is one thing but encouraging life is another...... walks like a duck people!!!!
  10. Hilary.....I am afraid I am having much difficulty with this swap....never has happened before. Never have had such trouble starting on a project.... Most times my side of the swap is complete way before the deadline.... Dont worry though....your stole will be there before deadline... I find the yarn I like but not a suitable pattern and visa versa....not sure I understand my hang-up on this.... Just wanted you to know you are NOT forgotten.....
  11. I have this book and love it....although I dont really care to make afghans I have felt a pull to make that Waterlily Pond Afghan....very appealling. Well worth the money spent....
  12. Jen you are right about the crochet books available, I have to order each of mine from Hastings, takes about 10-14 days for them to arrive. Crochet books are never ordered for the store itself nor are crochet magazines. I don't understand it, but at least I can order them and have the option of not buying them if I don't care for them.
  13. I don't think the binding troubles and misnumbered pages are problems across the board. The binding on the one I purchased is fine as is the page order. I am in humid crazy weather Texas and all seems well. And trust me in the two weeks I've had the book it has been abused, meaning the dog has pushed it off the bed, I've lugged it here and there and The Old Man has thumbed through it and not very gently I might add. As far as the errors, there are gonna be errors....that's just the nature of the beast. Am I happy about it, nope, BUT something has already been done to rectify that. No errors good, lots of errors bad, lotsa errors being corrected, livable. As far as the hooplah for a name, I dont "get it" per se BUT I am just glad there is some sort of hooplah going on, anything to get a good thing happening for crochet....the sometimes ugly step sister of knitting. Hoop it up.....we need good press, so to speak. As for the patterns, it was nice to see familiar faces in the pages as well as youngish styles. Only complaint from me, wish there were more patterns for males. A cardi perhaps or something. Rogue-ish and manly, yet hip. Think Rhett Butler meets Davy Havoc or something. No one shoot me......just thinking out loud. BTW, I paid 12 bucks and change for the book(got it at Hastings)...gotta love that educators discount! Hell, I've paid more than that for ONE pattern!!!
  14. Ohhhhhhhhh that's wonderful! Daffodils are one of my very fave flowers!
  15. Well does a extremely long chain count as a project? If so I was about 7-8 and was given a skein of yarn and an I sized hook and made a chain, continual, out of the whole lot. But then I made a rather triangular shaped double crochet striped baby blanket, for lack of a better word....however when I was 10 I made my first real project a massive granny square baby blanket...I made several and then attempted dc/striped jobby again this time did a grand job. It really blew when I had to start doing extra chores to get mulah to buy my own yarn cuz I was going through it so fast....HAHA, that'll teach my grandmother to show me how to crochet.... Now 25 years later....I still find myself doing many "first" in crochet....still loads to learn.
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