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  1. I got it! Had to start from scratch, judiciously use my stitch markers (amazing how straight my ends are this time) and this time I actually spotted the spaces in the row that confused me. I'm rocking now, thanks a million!!!
  2. Still not quite getting it. I THINK what you're saying is what I will end up doing in rows 8-13 is repeating Row3, 4, and 5 five times? I attached the pattern. Thanks for the help ... this is my first time trying something just from a pattern! easy-textured-button-cowl-us.pdf
  3. I’m making a button cowl. It all made sense at first ... After a few rows of dc, Row 3 had me skip 2 stitches, dc,ch1,dc in the next, repeat for the row. Row 4 dc,ch1,dc in the skipped stitches from the previous row. Did that two times, then did a row of dc in all stitches in a row. Rows 5,6 straight dc again R7 repeat Row 3 (creating spaces again) Here’s the part I don’t get: R8-13: repeat row 4. I did that once ... am I supposed to keep dc/ch1/dc in THE SAME HOLES for 5 rows???
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