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  1. As Children we use to go cut down our Christmas tree that grew in the woods. Which I miss very much. Then there came the artificial tree; which we didn't like. First of all it didn't fill our home smell of pine that was what made our Christmas so special and then there was the excitement of finding that one special tree and cutting it down as a family. When Christmas was over we cut the tree up and burned it in the fireplace. That first artificial tree took all the enjoyment out of us getting ready for Christmas. Since I have been grown and have son of my own I tried to get that Christmas excitement back but can't seem to be able to. we even went a bought a live tree but it still didn't have that excitement of cutting down the tree and carrying it out of the woods to home and decorating it. Now I have Great grand children and the past few years no tree or decoration at all. My oldest great granddaughter asked me to put up a tree this year. so I thought I would crotchet a tree. If I can find some instruction on how I know I can enlarge it a bit instead of a 12 inch tree I would like to make her a 36 inch one maybe a 48 inch tree.
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