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  1. All I have to say is.... Di dicky do dum di dum doe Di dicky do dum dicky dicky di dum Di dicky do dum di dum doe Di dicky do dum di dum doe.
  2. This week (July 12 - July 17), Hobby Lobby has all of their crochet and knitting accessories on sale!!!
  3. I used to crochet for a similar group here in GA that disbanded. Noble cause. My daughter spent a week in the NICU after she was born so I have a special place in my heart for these charities. Oh, and
  4. Actually, its an accordian file next to the computer. Every time I print a pattern, I put it in there. One day, I hope to have them organized in a binder. I want to keep a crochet/knitting journel in there too to record completed projects.
  5. You know what I am talking about...that WIP in a Wal-Mart bag in the bottom of your closet. The one that you can just see the corner of when you open the door. The one that you frogged six times, or the one that you need just one more skein to complete but haven't had the heart to frog because you keep hoping that skein will turn up even though its been discontinued for 5 years. Confess your sins, my sisters. 8)
  6. Where do you keep your hooks? Right now, in a zippered pouch that was meant for fishing flies. Do you block stuff? I have never block anything I've made but I may start. Do you dream "in crochet"? Oh yes! I have a scarf idea that I drift away on at night. Biggest think you ever crocheted? A shell stitch afghan for my ILs. It was about 8 feet by 8 feet - not intentionally. Smallest? I made an octopus Xmas ornament for my mom who does her whole tree in animals. No pattern, just whipped it up. Where do you keep your WIPs? In a basket by my recliner. I also keep a project in the car in a tote bag. Do you make things for yourself? I have never crocheted anything for myself.
  7. Where do you keep your hooks? Do you block stuff? Do you dream "in crochet"? Biggest think you ever crocheted? Smallest? Where do you keep your WIPs? Do you make things for yourself? edited 2-22-2005 to clarify post title
  8. Please sign me up for the Sept. swap! msfrazier@bellsouth.net
  9. Marlo, I came across your site a few months ago and it actually inspired me to pick up crocheting again. Your stuff is MAGNIFICENT. I never thought I would actually "meet" you! lol It is truly art.
  10. Bianca has been wearing a gorgeous crochet shawl with ribbon ties.
  11. Been there, done that. Hopefully, for the few folks that are unappreciative, there are many, many others who aren't such wankers.
  12. www.knittersreview.com/ar...0108_a.asp This is pretty funny. Enjoy!
  13. I have a very dear friend in Brooklyn that I met online. Welcome to our madhouse!
  14. How about a big openwork pareo (sp?) ? Its a wrap that you would wear over a bathing suit.
  15. You could mix it with a strand of pink and do a funky baby afghan. Know any Clemson or UT fans? A scarf and hat would work for them...
  16. I was considering donating mine locally as well since the postage will be a lot I am sure. But those raffle prizes looked so tempting. I will probably take them and weigh them at hubby's office and see.
  17. I am working on my fifth CK blanket. I am using my ugliest yarn (2 strands) and a P hook, just squares of single crochet. I decided to do 5, one for each of my own shelter pups and cats.
  18. Welcome aboard! I am also largely self-taught and I've been crocheting for about 12 years.
  19. Welcome Ang! It took me about a year to get the hang of crochet. Hang in there!
  20. lunchbox


    Welcome aboard Dail! Sorry to hear about your grumpy hubby. Too bad you can't crochet him a new attitude.
  21. Nothing written down. I keep stuff in mind, stuff I need the right yarn for, a pattern I look for....
  22. Its gorgeous rebecca! I love the colors. She will love it.
  23. I would be happy to participate! Great way to pair down the stash to make room for new yarn! lol We have 2 dogs and 3 cats and they are all from shelters. Animals are also near and dear to my heart.
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    New here

    Glad you found this place!
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