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  1. We recycle everything here - glass, plastics, newspapers, magazines, steel, aluminum. Our plastic bags go to the Humane Society. We grow our own veggies. We use cloth diapers and cloth toilet paper. We breastfeed too. We are very enviro friendly. Its nice to see a younger appreciation for environmental awareness. :-)
  2. For a baby blanket? I tend to make them on the small side because they are better for carseats and strollers and loveys (in my personal experience). But I don't want to make them too small. I was thinking 24" square would be a minimum. Thoughts?
  3. Actually, she is a girl! And she is exclusively breastfed.
  4. Here is my flickr album: - colorful afghan http://flickr.com/photos/26347029@N00/189781410/' target='_blank' rel='noopener noreferrer'> http://flickr.com/photos/26347029@N00/ As you can see, I am not afraid of color! lol
  5. Man, that sucks. I have considered doing stripes at the end. Wouldn't be the end of the world since its an afghan to donate. I just have this habit of buying one skein of yarn I like, and then when I get around to using it, its discontinued! lol Yes, Chatty it is Super Saver. I've checked WalMart and Hobby Lobby with no luck.
  6. I bought a skein of this at a yard sale and started making a baby afghan and didn't realize its been discontinued! Ack! This is plain worsted weight RH in Lilac, not terry or fingering. Does anyone have a skein they'd be willing to sell me? One will probably be enough. Its such a pretty color, great for gender neutral afghans....poo.
  7. Count me in! I had already decided to start doing charity crochet again, and I had planned on making 2 things a month, so this works for me! I already have one red scarf made. I am also hoping to have a blog going at some point.
  8. I am definitely going to have to get these patterns and stop just drooling over them.
  9. I love it! My 3 year old has a sock monkey named Rosemary and I've been making her outfits. So far, I've crocheted her two dresses and a bikini.
  10. I got the brown too! I was so scared I would get the aqua! lol:eek
  11. Great mittens and I love the color! The picture in the pattern looks like its done in sc in back loop. Is that the case? (I just skimmed the pattern.) Your's don't look like it. I have some TLC yarn in the Falling Leaves color that I would love to use for a pair of mittens.
  12. Welcome! I live not too far from you in Ellijay.
  13. I have a box of squares that I was looking to send to a charity - mostly UFOs. I cannot guarantee they are all 6", but there are at least 50 squares in the box. If you are interested, PM me with the snail mail address. They are all boxed up - I'd just have to wait until payday to send them.
  14. I've watched her new a few times and she seems to have these in abundance. Someone (or several someones) got a great gig cranking these out. Anyone here?
  15. Absolutely stunning. I am speechless.
  16. Was it May? I can't recall but Lucky magazine had 3-4 pages of cool crochet stuff - purses, lots of bathing suits, and even shoes.
  17. I need about 2-3 feet of Sugar n' Cream cotton to finish a bath puppet for a gift (to sew the seams)! Its a teal green color and I no longer have the label so I don't know the exact name. I've look at several stores and cannot find it. I will be posting a pic shortly so bear with me! If anyone can help, I would appreciate it! ETA http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v296/Lucnhbox/6f4288be.jpg
  18. I made some cotton totes and attached some embellishments with fabric tack. I am sure that is a crochet no no but it worked really well as some of the parts were felt.
  19. I love it! We call them Jiffy Pop hats.
  20. I was formerly known as BabeVigoda. I live in Covington right now but will be moving to Dawson County in June. Born in Atlanta and lived in GA all my life!
  21. I am using Sugar n' Cream. Don't know how well they hold up as I haven't used them yet. lol
  22. Here is my newest obsession. I have been making crocheted totes for the grocery. I made the pattern up. Basically, you start with a circle and then go around and around with chains and scs. The handles were done chaining and skipping stitches and then working around and over them in sc twice. I've made 5 so far but I love the colors in this one the best.
  23. I am working on it as we speak - I am so thankful I saw your post! I hope to have it done by the 18th to give to MIL. She will flip. She is a bird freak!:thumbsup
  24. That is the reason that I stopped crocheting for Newborns in Need. We learned that some items were for sale on ebay and not to benefit the group. It was devestating. :mad
  25. Please tell me what book that is in!!! I have to make that for my MIL! She is a bird nut!
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