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  1. http://flickr.com/photos/26347029@N00/210089542/ I swear I am going to vacuum now.
  2. Any up for this? Here is the link to the thread with the pattern: http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=31043&highlight=tapestry+tote It would make a great gift! Anyone?
  3. That is gorgeous!!! I love it! The half-way felted pic reminds me of a picture I saw online of Mary Kate/Ashley/Nicole Richie (some waify type) with a HUGE purse. They were making fun of the celebrity to purse ratio. I am glad it turned out well.
  4. I whipped this up today when I should have been doing laundry/folding clothes/cleaning the bathroom/taking care of my kids. http://flickr.com/photos/26347029@N00/209546676/ Enjoy! I can't seem to get text to click on instead of the URL.
  5. If you put something on your list like "dishcloths" or "bathroom accessories" please, please, please describe your decor or give your desired colors. Fairy godmothers are not MINDREADERS.
  6. Just wanted to thank my Michigan FGM! I got a sweet package of little scrap balls! I've put them in the rotation in my car scrap bag. I especially loved the red wool. It was the most beautiful shade of cherry red! Thank you so much! It was a wonderful little suprise the mail box!
  7. Pregnancy can aggravate carpel tunnel. Mine flared up terribly both times I was pg. Typing and using the mouse doesn't help. These days, I find that I really have to lay off crochet for a couple of days when its hurting badly. Ibuprofen and heat also help.
  8. Actually, if you read the user agreement here it clearly states that you are forbidden from visiting other crochet sites. Your account will be suspended if you are caught and all of your yarn will be confiscated. I am kidding of course. :
  9. I can remember feeling the same way when I was due with my first over 4 years ago. Was I going to resent the time this baby took from my hobbies? After all, we'd been married over 7 years and I was used to my freedom. Well, it did take a bit of a hiatus. Everything in our life did. But I always kept a project in the car or in my purse so I could get a few stitches in here and there. I worked on small projects like hats to donate or dishcloths. I did grannies to donate or assemble at some future time. I have a friend that can nurse and crochet, but I am not quite that talented. I now have 2 girls (4 and 8 mos ) and I still have time to crochet. My house is a wreck though! I guess something had to give! : Good luck with your baby. Hold that baby all she wants because they grow up sooo fast. You cannot spoil a baby!
  10. Your color scheme is GORGEOUS. Its really a stunning afghan. Great job!
  11. I like this idea. I made a similar one but it was a diagonal granny and I used a bunch of scraps. You could just make a big plain double crochet afghan and put all of the yarn in a garbage bag and blindly pick skeins. That's what I would do.
  12. lunchbox

    Bullion Stitch

    What is the secret to getting the hook through all the loops on bullion stitch? I would love to use this stitch more but I am having a heck of a time.
  13. Those are gorgeous!!! I especially love the last one too. I am a big fan of non-traditional colors for baby afghans (see my flickr site). Are you still on bedrest? That totally sucks. I hope you have a healthy and happy remainder of your pg. Congrats on your girl!
  14. Congratulations! The other guys never had a chance.
  15. I store a lot of yarn under my bed in those flat-ish plastic tubs. I just did a stash reduction and got rid of a lot of smaller used up skeins and stuff. There is a retirement home near me and those ladies love the stuff. They also make stuff to sell in their gift shop. I like that better than Goodwilling it.
  16. I always make mine smaller because they are easier to use with carseats, strollers, Moses baskets. I think 28-30" is ideal. Seems a lot of folks got left high and dry with the Mainstays. A lot of people are looking for it. I think your afghan looks beautiful! Do a nice border in white and call it done!
  17. I had to search for it today - I am doing the same bag in browns and pinks! How about a CAL? Anyone?
  18. I've made several of the skipping stone afghans, most recently in light pink with a J hook for my baby. There is a picture of another one in my flickr pics in my links.
  19. So pretty! I can't imagine working with such tiny thread - heck, I don't even care for sport yarn! :
  20. I signed up with Cville a couple of years ago when it was just starting out. My profile says 2005 but I seem to recall that the site reorganized after a while and we had to re-sign up. Anyways, I've found my way back again after two moves, a new baby, and a renewed interest in crochet after suffering some burnout. I can't get over how much the site has grown!!!! Its very neat to see so many people interested in "the other knitting". lol:cheer Its especially nice to see new folks learning to crochet. That is all.
  21. I love the effect but yes, keeping track of them is a pain!
  22. I have been begging mine for one. He does like that sort of thing, he just doesn't have a lot of time. I think there are little gadets to measure the width, like with knitting needles. No?
  23. Hey neighbor! I am in North Hall County, just south of Clermont.
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