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  1. My oldest is 4 and we work on a chain every once in a while. I would LOVE it if she expressed an interest in crochet. If she turns up a knitter, well she is out of the will. I was an adult when I learned. So sad to think of all those uncrocheted years! lol
  2. I love mine. I use a textured stitch and it makes them extra scrubby. My kitchen is lime green, hot pink, orange, and brown and I've got one in every color. I keep a ball of cotton in the car and crochet my dishcloths at stoplights or while waiting in traffic. Toss them in the wash and they are good to go. I do like knit for washcloths. There is nothing like a big thick organic cotton knitted washcloth as part of a baby gift.
  3. OK, I don't know if there is more going on here than you've described but maybe you are jumping to conclusions? After all, just because they didn't specifically single you out with thanks certainly doesn't mean that your work is inferior! Are you sure they received it? Did they tell you specifically that it wasn't that good? I tend to be a 'glass is half-empty person more often than not and I would imagine that I would also have feelings of self-doubt in your case. However, please don't jump to that conclusion! Trust me, I am far from a professional crocheter. My skill lies more in design than execution. But that doesn't stop me. Please don't beat yourself up over something like this. Its not worth it.
  4. Nice job! I play around with Tunisian every once in a while but anything beyond the TSS boggles my mind.
  5. Well, first I had to write an essay. And then I won the yodeling competition. Next, I came in second in the bathing suit competition. Luckily, the winner had to bow out due to a tragic falsie accident (she had stuffed her bathing suit top with a couple of balls of novelty yarn). So, they picked me. And I've been around ever since.
  6. I love those colors! Sigh. I appreciate the advice. I thinkI am going to scrap these squares and start over. I have really been wanting to make something with black, pink, and green anyways.
  7. I love the lips too! I am really envious of you guys who can whip up stuff like that. So cool!
  8. http://flickr.com/photos/26347029@N00/212451952/ Here is one of my squares. I am not 100% in love with my color choices but I'm too far along to quit. I also think I am doing something wrong because my squares look a little wonky. I think I added a stitch on the first round. I am not sure.
  9. My first project, no doubt. It was a scarf and one end was about 12" wide and the ending side was about 6".
  10. Tina, I love that bag idea! I swear by brown kraft paper. You can do so much with it. One year, I did 7 afghans for gifts. I put each one in a big box and wrapped it with the brown paper. I tied each box with tulle and added some fresh cedar sprigs and a spray of gold berries that I got on clearance from Michaels. A couple got jungle bells. My 4 year old also likes to draw and make the paper for me. When I see boxes of fabric at yard sales, I grab them beacause fabric is great for wrapping stuff. You can make your own bags that can be recycled.
  11. I can't answer to be 100% accurately historically but I would think that sort of terra cotta, turquiose, red, and neutrals come to mind for me when I think of Native American colors.
  12. Has froggy seen this? Great job!!!!
  13. That's exactly what they are supposed to be! I have a friend that loves them too.
  14. http://flickr.com/photos/26347029@N00/211001715/ I am packing up my 4 year old and sending her to MILs for the next 2 days. More cuff time! lol:clap
  15. Chrome Kitty - are you the same one who organized the ROAKs in a spreadsheet? I really admire your organization. I have trouble reading patterns sometimes and your 'play-by-play' just might help me overcome my block with this afghan.
  16. That is gorgeous! I've got to make one of those! Love that color choice!
  17. I love it! That's a great bag for the beach. And pink is my fave color! Great job!
  18. ROFL! The other day we were at my MIL's house and she was ironing in her laundry room. My 4 year old walked in and asked what she was doing. She's never seen anyone iron. Thanks for the kind words. And I did manage to get the vacuumming done.
  19. I love the colors! The Chinese knots are a beautiful touch. Great job!
  20. Have you seen that commercial where the mom stops thru the drive-thru? She hands her kids their food and then turns to get her's. In a matter of 2 seconds, her boys are covered in their lunch. That is the way I feel, so you are spot on with that assessment!
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