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  1. I love it! I love the handmade buttons too!
  2. The diamond is the one I was after but the magic square intrigues me as well! Thanks!
  3. I just want to avoid giving anyone who is doing something illegal (or even unethical) my business.
  4. Is it legal to purchase magazines and cut the patterns out and sell them? How does someone come to own the copyright on patterns that were producted in the 40s and 50s? What is the deal with the expiration of the copyright?
  5. I've seen this potholder around, once IRL and once on the web. Its like a sort of mitered square with a loop to hang it at the top. I've tried to search but I am having trouble because I don't know what its called. Anyone?
  6. What a nice way to keep the afghan in the family! I have a similar afghan and it was also put together with thread. I wonder if that's just how they did it back then.
  7. That is really pretty! I love the flower. The strap on my Space Invader tote is also really stretchy and I was wondering what to do about it. I hadn't considered lining it. Great tip.
  8. Great job! I love the idea of the little bag for small stuff, and to store the big bag!
  9. I have 5 thread Boye thread hooks that I would like to trade for one of those plastic nifty knitter things, the things you make the tubes with. I would like to have one with instructions and whatever accessories, as large as possible. I would like to give it to my 4 year old for Xmas. The hooks are size 6, 5, 4, 3, 1.
  10. I have ideas that I cannot execute! lol My skills just can't keep up. The tote is on my blog. Its a Space Invaders tote. Of course, Drew won't see it because I am just a superstar ya'll. And I know what you mean about reading other blogs and such. I think that even if you don't sit and stare at someone's work, its like a subconscious thing sometimes. I painted my kitchen lime green and did a wall of round mirrors at the beginning of the year. Well, my mom calls yesterday and says there is a For Eyes commercial with a similar wall. Now, I don't have TV so I couldn't have seen it so it makes you wonder. Maybe I AM gifted.
  11. My husband had me make him a neck gator a few years ago in camo. Its basically just a short tube that keeps his neck warm while hunting. He can pull it up over his chin if he needs to. I also did a gun cover to protect his deer rifle. And I did a cushion for his deer stand.
  12. That is so cute! I can think of a million kids who would adore that!
  13. Nice job. What a sweet thing to design.
  14. This is what I've been working on the last week. I'm pleased with it. I still think it needs a closure at the top. I am considering trying to make a spaceship toggle with some Sculpey. Opinions? http://flickr.com/photos/26347029@N00/219931398/in/photostream/
  15. I love the colors!!!! Great job!
  16. I love picots! Picot edging is so nice - one of my faves! Isn't it nice to conquer something like that? Makes you eager to try other things! Congrats! Can't wait to see the finished product.
  17. I am making a messenger-style tote bag, an original design. I would like to put it on etsy. But I am terrified that someone will say I copied their design. Now I can tell you that it isn't even LOOSELY based on or directly inspired by anything I've seen. I just grabbed a skein of yarn and started and then got an idea and drew it up. Does anyone know what I mean?
  18. I had to give up heroin. It was cutting into my yarn money. I am joking, of course.
  19. Yahoo! Way to go! I remember that granny squares almost drove me insane. I just couldn't get it until one day it clicked. Just remember its like a checkerboard, and you have to make a square or leave a space. And remember, you CAN make an afghan from just a granny! This will open up whole new doors for you.
  20. Yeah, I have to recommend buying one of the stitch bibles or stitch compliations. I bought one years ago (Harmony Guide?) and I've gotten so much use out of it. If you were only going to buy one book, I would recommend a stitch book.
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