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  1. I haven't been on here in ages but there was a designer who had gorgeous crocheted cables hats and scarves. I want to say her name was C______ C______? Like Coldwater Creek or something along those lines. Her patterns pictures were all in natural neutral colors.


    I know she posted here. I am dying to buy some of her patterns and I cannot find her. HELP!

  2. Forgive me, but I don't know that much about etsy yet. Are you only allowed to sell patterns you have personally made or can a 'vendor' sell leaflets and books there? Can you sell already made items as well?



    You can sell commercial leaflets as supplies. You cannot reproduce them and sell them. You can sell readymade item as well. Those must be original designs or you must have permission from the designer to reproduce their designs for commercial purposes.

  3. Hi, since I live in Michigan and try to get to lys all over the state, would mind telling me the town it was in. I think I might know, but want to be sure. There is really only on I have found here in Mi that has been like that.


    Honestly, I can't recall. They were visiting friends who have a lake house. Does that narrow it down? :lol I'll ask next time I talk to them.


    How is this for IRONY? I just moved to this town a few months ago and recently met a great woman. We have tons in common, but she is a knitter, more of a fiber artist. She spins, dyes, paints yarn - you get the idea.


    Well, I could tell that she was a little hesitant when I mentioned I crocheted because there is such a stigma to it with knitters. When she saw my stuff, she had a whole new take on it. She is still a self-professed yarn snob and that is fine. She's been surprised at the quality of some of the acrylics that I've had.


    She is helping me with my knitting and I am going to teach her to crochet, since she wants to put some edgings on her stuff and make a granny square. :D

  4. I am happy to report that I co-won the design category at whipup.net.


    I am so happy as its the first time I've entered anything with my stuff. :cheer Thanks for all the kind words. I am humbled by the kindness at this site, and I am thrilled to be a part of such a wonderful and supportive family.

  5. My parents were on vaca in Michigan. I've crocheted for years but was just teaching myself to knit. My dad came across a yarn store and thought he would pop in and buy me something.


    It took ages to get the attention of anyone working there. Then, he confessed that he didn't know anything about yarn but wanted to pick up something for his daughter who was learning to knit. He said they were very patronizing and lost interest in him at some point. He left without buying anything. And let me tell you, he is the type that only buys the very best when starting a new hobby (we share this trait to some degree) and he probably would have spent $200 on stuff had they just been more friendly.

  6. I want to send a belated thank you to a FGM! I received two lovely pattern leaflefts - one for afghan and one for vases and baskets. I don't have either one, and had never even seen the vase one so I am thrilled to pieces!


    Unfortunately my dolt of a husband had the audacity to clean out my car and threw away the envelope which I was saving so I could thank my FGM by at least giving her location. Please know that he has been thwacked in the head with a skein of yarn. ;)


    Thank you so much. Your thoughtfulness really means a lot to me. :)

  7. That is sooo cool! I checked out the rest of your blog and I am humbled by your graphghans. Simply amazing. :yes:clap


    I am selling two SNES games on ebay right now - bought each for $1 at a yard sale and they are going for $15 and $32 right now! :yay I guess that old school stuff is popular!

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