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  1. I bought your cable wristlet pattern! So cute! I am going to get ahead on Xmas. lol
  2. Its crochetgarden! Thank you so much! Thank you! (I am electricbluebird.etsy.com)
  3. I haven't been on here in ages but there was a designer who had gorgeous crocheted cables hats and scarves. I want to say her name was C______ C______? Like Coldwater Creek or something along those lines. Her patterns pictures were all in natural neutral colors. I know she posted here. I am dying to buy some of her patterns and I cannot find her. HELP!
  4. You can sell commercial leaflets as supplies. You cannot reproduce them and sell them. You can sell readymade item as well. Those must be original designs or you must have permission from the designer to reproduce their designs for commercial purposes.
  5. Some of the Xmas items (mouse, reindeer card holder) are from a book called The Great Christmas Crochet Book dated 1981. What a loser. Has anyone reported her on iOffer?
  6. tcsgirl -can you please edit the list on the front page to include my blog? Its www.electricbluebird.blogspot.com. Thanks!
  7. No offense to Drew (who's blog I've been reading for ages) but I just found this so funny.
  8. After reading a couple of things you've written about your hubby, I would almost swear we are married to the same man.
  9. I have one on my wrist and the dr. said it was a ganglion cyst.
  10. Honestly, I can't recall. They were visiting friends who have a lake house. Does that narrow it down? I'll ask next time I talk to them. How is this for IRONY? I just moved to this town a few months ago and recently met a great woman. We have tons in common, but she is a knitter, more of a fiber artist. She spins, dyes, paints yarn - you get the idea. Well, I could tell that she was a little hesitant when I mentioned I crocheted because there is such a stigma to it with knitters. When she saw my stuff, she had a whole new take on it. She is still a self-professed yarn snob and that is fine. She's been surprised at the quality of some of the acrylics that I've had. She is helping me with my knitting and I am going to teach her to crochet, since she wants to put some edgings on her stuff and make a granny square.
  11. I would love to purchase a used copy for a friend - a wonderful and talented knitter I am teaching to crochet. (She is reteaching me to knit as apparently I didn't teach myself properly. ) She won't care if its used.
  12. What are you asking for it? I would love a copy. Nevermind. I saw your link.
  13. I am happy to report that I co-won the design category at whipup.net. I am so happy as its the first time I've entered anything with my stuff. Thanks for all the kind words. I am humbled by the kindness at this site, and I am thrilled to be a part of such a wonderful and supportive family.
  14. What about a pale grey? RH makes a pale grey that would look great with white. Same subtle idea but you'll probably get the same crispness as the room's decor.
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