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  1. Thank you for all the encouraging comments
  2. My first crochet project. I retaught myself how to crochet this summer and have made many gifts since then. This was my first so I kept it for myself.
  3. Hello all! My name is Beth and I am from the central Indiana area. I made these ornaments as Christmas gifts for friends and family this year. Used basics of Amigurumi to make each one. Baby Yoda Pikachu Unicorns
  4. bethcastle20


    Just finished this month long project. It's my very first amigurumi Doll.
  5. bethcastle20


    I don't have a pattern available for this. I just used basic steps of a free online pattern and made it my own.
  6. bethcastle20


    Thank you! the legs I do not like as much with this pattern. Everything else on it turned out great!
  7. bethcastle20

    Yoda Ornament

    A Yoda ornament for a Christmas gift.
  8. bethcastle20


    Just my progress with Snoopy stuffed animal.
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