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  1. Thank you for your reply. I am new so I still do not know how it works. sorry if I repeat myself. I have the rotary skip stitch blades - they are not the same, unfortunately. I like to use the skip stitch on fleece but on flannel I rather use the edgerydoo if I could find it. I am using an awl right now but it is taking so much longer than anticipated just to get the first row done.
  2. She can be reached through Ravelry - I would ask her to clarify the pattern. It seems to be 3 sc in the next 3 or 5 stitches (forget how many) but it is definitely no clearly written.
  3. I am new to the website but love to knit and crochet and happy to join the crochet family. Have been crocheting for too many years but still love working on my projects. Found your website because I was searching for the Edgery Doo tool. I tried the website which turns out to be only in Chinese with no English translation. Thank you in advance for any assistance.
  4. where can you purchase the Edgerydoo - the website for it only comes up in Chineses with no english translation. Can anyone assist.
  5. That website comes up in Chinese only. No english translation.
  6. the website you mentioned is in chinese (no english translation), do you know where else it can be purchased?
  7. you will be increasing a single crochet every other stitch. Just as she broke it down for you. At the end of row 2 you will have 9 single crochet. Next row you just single crochet all around. The following row you start increasing again. Hope this helps.
  8. badrhinogillett, question when crocheting an edge on a fleece, let say, baby blanket and you want to do a shell stitch evenly around the blanket - how do you know how many holes, evenly, to do for the pattern to come out evenly, and not have 1 or 2 or 3 extra holes at the end? Can you assist with this question.
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