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  1. Thank you! I'll check out their site. It's like a darker and a lighter shade of purple twisted together. I'm on a mission to find it...otherwise I'm not sure what I'll do. I was attempting a queen sized blanket, and I might be able to have just about half done with the yarn I have left. So I either unravel it and get another color to make it striped or something (even though I got this specific yarn to avoid needing to change colors) or I just finish with what I have and get another color? Ugh I just didnt expect to not be able to find the color! Thanks for your advice.
  2. Hi! I'm having trouble finding a certain color yarn. I bought it back in March-ish? I stopped working on it for a while and picked it back up. But I'm running out and I can't find it anywhere! I can't even remember the name of the color! It's bernat blanket yarn. I'm so frustrated. If anyone can help me I would appreciate it! I hope these pics show the colors.
  3. thanks for all the feedback everyone! I decided to not use a thicker yarn and use the one that was recommended for the pattern and it turned out really nicely! The only downside is that my neck is a little out of alignment and I have a knot in my back because I guess I tense up a bit when I'm working? But I'm still learning!
  4. thatsamiam

    Prayer Shawl

    Hello! My name is Sam and I am new to crocheting. I'm self taught so I'm not the best but I'm learning. I've made a few blankets with my best one being an american flag blanket (the stars took forever). I can make a mean pot holder and wash cloth set too. Last year I crocheted a yarmukle for my brother, which was the first time I successfully followed a pattern. Right now I'm trying to make a shawl/prayer shawl for my best friends mom who just started chemotherapy. I try to mostly watch youtube videos to help since I have difficulty with following along to a written pattern. Basically I'm wondering, how much does it affect your pattern if you use a thicker yarn and larger hook than suggested for a specific pattern? Most of the ones I find that I really like use a thin-ish yarn and a 4mm or 5mm hook. I'm trying to make something thick, warm, and cozy, which uses a 6mm or 7mm hook (more like something you'd make a blanket with). I tend to favor the double crochet stitch because it's easy and looks good, but I want this to be special with a nicer pattern. I started to make something following a video online, and the pattern just looks kind of smooshed and you can't really see it. Is there a way to modify a pattern for thicker yarns? If anyone has any input I would appreciate it!
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