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  1. Thank you for the advice and the kind words this community seems to be very welcoming, helpful and full of nice fellow crocheters. I already looked up color changes/stripes in spirals as I didn’t want a diagonal line where the color changes. That’s how I found out about the half color change method. I think the color change itself turned out as it was supposed to. What seems to be wrong is that the row of the color change looks different from the other rows although I tried to do single crochets all the time. The color change row looks like the outer half is missing, that’s wh
  2. Hey there, I can’t replicate a mistake I made and I hope I’ll find some help around here I’m a beginner and I’m pretty lost. I tried to do a half color change with single crochets, but apparently I did something wrong as there’s a gap between the two colors. My first color was brown, then U changed it to yellow by doing a faulty half color switch while crocheting in rounds. Now, on the outside there’s a gap between the last brown and the first yellow row. You can’t see through, but you can pull the outer half apart and create a gap showing the inner half. Furthermore, i
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