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  1. Yes! That is called the Lemon Peel or the Pebble Stitch. I was wondering if there is one with a SC crochet all along a row with a DC the next row and repeat the pattern? I was hoping to find a photo online of it to see what it would look like. I am still in the newby stage. Pleased to meet ya!
  2. Hi, I am Nora and live in Michigan. I am pretty new to crochet. I can SC, DC, TC and now do the Pebble/Lemon Peel stitch pretty darn good. I am "famous" for my Jankity Blankeys. Grown up cuddle blankets which are made with more love than skill. LOL. I am not good with reading patterns or counting. I do best with visually looking at things which is why I will likely never make a sweater! :) Wondering if there is a pattern which just alternates a SC and DC? I saw one called the Alpine Stitch but it gave me a visual headache. If you can simple alternate these stitches how many chains would you put at the end? Would you chain one turning chain for a SC and two for a DC? hmmm.... Looking forward to this group!!!
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