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  1. I have checked my gauge, and I'm right on with that. It's when I get to the "body" of the hat after the crown. I understand the stitches, and rounds 1 & 2 are fine, but round 3 never ends right. I frogged it all recently, but I will start again and get to that point. Maybe I'll be better able to explain what's going on.
  2. Maryarn

    Crochet help

    Hi Aasia. So, you've completed either a row or round of dc and now you're going over that previous row. It looks like from the instructions you've posted that on the current row you've done an inc (increase), and now in the next dc stitch from the previous dc row, you will do a dc. Here's a picture - hope this helps.
  3. Hello! Has anyone ever made these hats from Crochet World 2015 issue? If you have, did you have a hard time with the pattern? I have tried many times over the years to follow the pattern, and I can't seem to get it right. I'm sure it's just me, but wanted to know if anyone could help me understand this one. Thank you! ~ Mary
  4. Hello everyone. I don't know anyone else in my circle of life that crochets at all so I am definitely looking forward to exchanging ideas, frustrations, and learning new things from other crocheters.
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