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  1. Siew Ling


    I am working on the tension square so it has nothing to do with the 2nd rows. 😅
  2. Siew Ling


    Haha, OK. I am doing the tension square and it ask me to follow 6th and 7th row. What i couldn't understand is what does it mean by the last part work 1tr into 3rd of 4ch.
  3. Siew Ling


    Hi, can someone explain 6th and 7th row for me?
  4. Hello, i am working on treble crochet and I am getting different information. My pattern ask me to make 31 ch and 1 tr into 3rd ch from hook but some videos i saw online said 4th ch. Is there a difference?
  5. Hi, i am Siew Ling.
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