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  1. Thank you! I forgot to add the Instagram account for this project. It is the same as my user name: @crochetpatagonia
  2. Hi! My name is Hebe and I collaborate with a non profit organization called ProyectoSub designing crochet patterns of species of marine organisms from Northeastern Patagonia. You can download free of charge the book 1 of the series Crochet your own Patagonian rocky reef (anemones and jellyfish) at www.proyectosub.org.ar/en/digital-resources/. In ProyectoSub, we are interested in exploring, documenting and studying marine environments, showing their biological diversity, highlighting their ecological, economic and social importance. We are concerned about changes in marine biodiversity, the excessive use of plastics, pollution, invasive species, climate change and overexploitation of natural resources. We act by promoting scientific research projects, outreach programs, citizen science and education
  3. Hi, my name is Hebe, and I live in Puerto Madryn, Argentina, a small city located in Northeast Patagonia. I collaborate with a local non-profit organization called ProyectoSub. Their goal is to promote the love for the ocean through outreach programs, citizen science and education. As part of their activities, I design crochet patterns of species from the Patagonian rocky reefs, which can be downloaded free of charge. You can find me in Instagram @crochetpatagonia, and our first book in English focused on four species of sea anemones and jellyfish has just been published. You can download the book at www.proyectosub.org.ar/en/digital-resources.
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