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  1. Hello! My names Mia and I’m a 21 year old student from the UK. I have recently decided to set up a movement called care2square. The concept is simple but fun and I really think collectively we could make a huge impact as a crocheting community. Regardless of your political stance, it can be agreed that displaced children deserve warmth and comfort wherever they are. That is why I think it would be an amazing idea to ask people to make granny squares and send them in to be made into blankets for children in refugee camps. Each square can be unique, making them super fun to make and fun for the children as well. In today’s world it’s easy for significant impact to be lost behind empty political promises and commitments. Making blankets for deprived and vulnerable children can be such a lovely way to show compassion towards others whilst using up those scraps of yarn that have been lying around for months! Please let me know if you think anyone would be interested in this or has any advice or ideas, all contributions are welcome! #makeasquaretoshowyoucare
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