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    Pattern help

    That makes perfect sense now. And yes, realized the chain 8 for size 1 but just couldn’t wrap my head around it when it read 0. Thanks Granny! I am sure this is not the last time you will hear from me!
  2. Madame

    Pattern help

    Thanks so much for your response. Makes me even happier that I joined this forum. I am making a pair of crocheted moccasins for a newborn baby. I have attached a snapshot of the sole pattern. Please reference Round 3 where it is noted 1 dc in 0. Thanks again! Lori
  3. Madame

    Pattern help

    Part of my round instructions says - 1hdc in 2, 1 dc in 0, Why doesn’t it say 1hdc in ‘next’ 2sts? Does it still mean in the next 2? What is stitch 0? Thanks! Lori
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