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  1. Hi! I’m new to crocheting since the pandemic. I have spent a LOT of time teaching myself to crochet. I have completed several projects already, including some dog sweaters, hats, dog and baby booties, ladies slippers, amigurami seashells and Halloween bats and ghosts. I am working on a big blanket currently in Premier Serenity super chunky yarn! I love it! My family wants me to start making sweaters. They all love the hats, gloves and slippers I have made for them. I have found that I am quite good at making things and creating high quality stitches. (I mostly follow tutorials on YouTube ). I am quite confident that I can do sweaters following very methodical step-by-step YouTube tutorials. I am still learning about yarns and hooks. I recently purchased a more expensive hook with an ergonomic handle that I really like. I want to buy a high quality set and am looking for a bit of guidance on what to invest in. Also: I need some help figuring out what yarns to buy. I bought some Lion Brand Scarfie yarn recently, as it had good reviews on Amazon. It’s 78% Acrylic & 22% Wool. It’s a “bulky” #5. It was $25.00 for 3 skeins. I thought it was a good starting point. My new hook is a 5.75 mm (J). The pattern tutorial calls for a 6.0 which I think mine is close enough. I’m having a TERRIBLE time with this yarn! It is full of fibers, it’s hard to see my stitches and stitch definition is lost. When I start working the yarn, it gathers a clump behind my tension fingers that leads back to the skein and it grows into a big blob as I progress. It is hard to get my hook into the previous stitches, not sure if that’s the quality of the hook or the floppy/slippery nature of the yarn. I have started over several times to test out different loosenes levels of my foundation chain and have adjusted my tension. It’s still very difficult to catch some of the stitches. The yarn also does not like to be frogged (ripped back) to redo; It just turns into a ball of knotted up mess! I’m so frustrated! Please help! What would be a better choice yarn? My budget is rather tight. I don’t even know if I can return this yarn to Amazon and get my money back! Christmas is coming and I have several people that want sweaters! HELP!!!
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