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  1. Aryn


    So i should just treat them as normal hdc?
  2. Aryn


    This pattern seems to have a lot of special stitches with NO explanations. I have had to come to this site multiple times for help.
  3. Aryn


    My row says to go from hdc-ing to hdc^ and i’ve never seen that symbol in crochet patterns before and i was wondering if anyone had any ideas as to what it means?:)
  4. Aryn

    Side Bar of the HDC?

    Thank you SO much I never thought i was going to figure it out!
  5. So, I am making a baby shirt and trying to get started on the sleeves. I joined the yarn under the armpit and Row 1 says ch1 hdc in same st, hdc in next at, make a hdc along the side bar of the hdc... I have never heard of anything other than the side bar stitch but I’m not sure that’s what they’re talking about? The pattern is worded pretty odd in some places and it mentions side bar of the hdc a couple times but with no explanation.. Anyone have any opinions??
  6. I am fairly new to crocheting and am trying to start this baby shirt. To start row one it says “Ch43 hdc in 2nd ch”. Normally they say something like 2nd chain from hook and so on. I’m not sure if I am supposed to start the hdc 2 from the hook or two from where i started
  7. I am fairly new at crocheting and i’m trying out this baby shirt. To start row one, it tells me to “Chain 43 hdc in 2nd chain”. I am not sure if I am supposed to start the hdc in the second from the hook or second chain from where I started. Could anyone give me some advice?
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