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  1. I’m new to crochet and made an attempt at making a ‘phone carrier.’ Near the end of the pattern I realized my stitches were not matching up—the number of stitches and rows matched the pattern, but a chain space that was supposed to be in the middle was way over to the side. I decided to restart with new yarn (so I could compare the two results) and found that I didn’t even really understand where to make some of the stiches in the first rows. The pattern tells me to chain 11–okay, no problem there. Then I’m to work 3 sc in the 2nd chain—no problem there. Then I’m to sc in the next 8 sts—okay, no problem there. Then I’m to work 3 sts in the last st of that side of the chain—mostly okay, though I’m not sure how to place the stitches: all to the one side of the knot or more evenly? It’s the next set that I don’t understand. Out of the 11 ch sts on one side and the 11 ch sts on the other side of the round, I have used 1 for nothing (skipped to start round with 2nd stitch), 1 for the first 3 sc, 8 for the next sc sts, 1 for the last 3 sc = 11. Good, one side. But the next instruction is “working on the opposite side...sc in each of the next 8 ch to complete the round, do not join.” That means on a side that has 11 ch sts, I only use 8. What am I not undrstanding? Does my next rnd start before all ch sts are used?
  2. Hello. Thanks for making this forum so easy to join! I’m new to crochet. I’ve been using a few “beginners” books and some online resources. So far I’ve made a set of coasters, a winter hat, a couple of flowers, and a ‘fail’ at a phone carrier (will be posting for help with the pattern shortly). I used to cross-stitch like mad but stopped about 10 years ago due to chronic pain, including in my hands. It has been more manageable lately, so I decided to try something new and am really enjoying crochet! I can’t wait to tackle some larger projects (would love to make a blanket) but am trying to first work through the basics. Glad to be here!
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