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  1. That makes so much more sense to me, thank you!! This is a project for a friend and I was getting worried about nos knowing what to do. I will make sure to reply to this thread once I get the wing done Thank you so much again!
  2. Hey there! My name is Amanda and I started learning crochet at the beginning of this year and have gotten really into amigurumi! I would say that I'm out of the beginner stage of crochet and moved into the intermediate stage So I'm still learning and I love that I found this forum! Yall seem like people who are very helpful and knowledgeable about crochet! So thank you for having me here and happy crocheting! 😊
  3. Thank you for your response! I'm still a little confused because I'm not sure what slip stitch 2 means. Do I slip stitch into the second stitch from the one I just made or do I do 2 slip stitches? Im making little wings so it looks like half of a sunflower if that makes sense. Ill try to attach a picture with the pattern for that part
  4. I'm making a pattern for an amigurumi of a pokemon and I've never done this type technique on part of this pattern. Sc 2. Turn. Dec 1. Turn. Slst 2 back to R5 I've never turned on a chain before i get to the end of the chain. I dont know what it means when it says "slip stitch 2 back to Round 5" Ive attempted it multiple times and just cannot get it down. Any help will be greatly appreciated!!
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