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  1. 3 hours ago, Granny Square said:

    It makes sense, and sometimes you need to study the pattern, and the pattern photo, to figure out what the pattern is telling you to do.  Don't post the pattern itself here, but if it's a free pattern online, or a paid pattern that has a pic of the finished item online, could you link to it, or give it's name and source?  Seeing the finished item might help me spot the shaping area you are working on.

    Are the rows numbered?  Another way to solve pattern questions is to read ahead, example if the row you typed out is row 10, some future row beyond row 11 might tell you to come back to those skipped stitches in round 10. 

    Simple toys are made with simple shapes, like closed tubes for nose, legs and body, and a ball for the head, but more complex shaping can involve 'short rows' where you might make a little 'hill' that starts in the middle of row 10 that is 9 increasingly shorter rows worked back and forth over the hill, and then the last row (19) continues past the hill to the end of the row, turn, and now row 20 works over the straight part of row 19 then over the hill, continuing  the other straight part of row 10.  That's an exaggerated example but where I'm going with this, if you are making a shaped thing, you may not always be working over rows completely in order like if you were making a washcloth for example.  (I hope I haven't confused the heck out of you)

    So this is the link to where I bought the pattern https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/652690827/t-rex-crochet-pattern-dinosaur-crochet 

    So far I've done the separate pieces for the body, tail, both legs and both arms and they went really well! Left the head til later as it definitely looked trickier. 

    It's not telling me to start the next row after the 35th stitch is it? This was row 13 but I can't spot any other reference to it later on. Row 14 just says '(4 sc, inc) x 6, 12 sc= 48' and the following ones are the same sort of thing.


  2. Thanks for responding! 

    So this part is just the head and it goes from the nose to the back of the head. I'm guessing I've just finished off the nose section as it was several rows of just single crochet but I don't understand why there would be a hole? I can't see that there is one from the photo? Originally I thought I would be crocheting into the unworked stitches on the next row but then I just can't work out how to skip over those stitches now. 

    I also don't know if anything I'm saying makes any sense!! 😆

  3. I'm new to crochet and have only done very basic things so far! I've been making an amigurumi dinosaur and have got to a section that has got me so so confused!

    As part of the instructions for the head it says:

    Work only 35sc. Leave the last 7 stitches unworked. Move stitch marker to last stitch in this row. This will be the new beginning of each row.

    Can anyone help please? 😩 


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