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    Jan Stephens
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    Love to crochet and knit. Have lived in Southwest Florida for 14 years originally from Michigan/Illinois. Have one daughter and been married for 30 years. Love crocheting, knitting, cross stitch, reading, crafts, camping and animals.
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    Port Charlotte, FL
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    Reading, cross stitch, crafting, sewing, refinishing furniture
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    Assistant Bookkeeper/Advocate
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    I just got the ergonomic handled hooks and really like them.
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    On and off for 40 years or so
  1. Hi, my name is Jan and I have been crocheting for quite a few years. My daughter wants me to make her an Amigurmi Sheep. I am having a hard time finding the right yarn. The yarn suggested is from Turkey and really don’t want to pay shipping. I am looking for suggestions that will work in place of Softy Alize yarn two strands. I was thinking of a chenille/velvet type yarn that is multi colored will work with a 4 mm hook. I was going to use Lion Brand Boucle two strands but could not find the loops on the hook. Not sure if it is my skill level or my eye sight. It seems that yarn is very hard to find right now. Not sure where else to look and get good deals. Any help, suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much Jan Stephens
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