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  1. Hello I’ve worked out four legs of the giraffe but I’m not sure how to sew them together so that I can continue to make the body of my giraffe. here’s the instruction Round 7: work 8dc, take the 2nd foot and work is 10dc. Ensure the spare threads are in the middle. Take the 3rd foot and work 10dc around the 4th foot. You now have 4 legs in a row. Count back 40sts. Insert your hook in the 40tg st(in the first foot) and crochet 1dc in the next 2sts (40dc) thanks for your help in advance 🙏🏻❤️
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    Thanks 😊 I will try it out now
  3. anewlearner


    Hi guys I’m crocheting a giraffe (the one by Hooked) but I’m now struggle in round 2 after getting a ring. round2: *2dc in the next 5sts* repeat from * to * can someone help? Thanks
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