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  1. DebbieH

    family heirloom

    Thank you so much Magiccrochetfan and Tampa Doll for your help. I have other afghans I know were done by my Mother that I can stare and compare the stitching now that I have a clue what to look for. And yes, I absolutely treasure this beautiful heirloom. It brought a smile to my heart when I discovered it.
  2. DebbieH

    family heirloom

    Hello, I have a crocheted afghan made either by my Mother (right-handed) or her sister (left-handed). I would like to know if you can tell by the stitch if it was done right-handed or left-handed. Unfortunately both my Mother and Aunt have since passed away when I found it in my Mother's closet. This beautiful afghan was given to my late Grandmother back in the 1970's. Since my Mother was in possession of it I'm guessing she was the one who made it. Please help me. I have family members who are questioning the maker of this. On another note, I am so excited to have found this site! I want to learn more stitches than the one my Mother taught me - the broomstick. I see so many beautiful patterns I am anxious to try. This is such a blessing for me to have found you all. THANK YOU! DebbieH
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