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  1. Hi all, Im a beginner. Im trying to crochet a dress. I bought the pattern and found out it was really hard to understand. I felt so frustrated, please help me to unpack this 😭 This is what it said in the pattern ”Chain 27 Hdc into the 3rd chain from the hook. Hdc into each chain. Turn your work. Ch 1, sc into the next 4 stitches, "ch 1, skip 2 stitches, sc into the next space, ch 1, skip 2 stitches,scintothenext5stitches"repeattotheend. Turnyourwork. Ch 3, skip the next stitch, FPTr around the next 2 hdc from the row below, {Working in front of the last 2 stitches} FPTr around the s
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